Reaktor 3
Reaktor 3 mit absoluten Midi-Controllerbefehlen steuern To control Reaktor 3 by absolut midi controller commands

1) pocketEditor

Create 4 Presets with Controller Values 16-31,80-95,96-111,112-127 and send them to the pocketDial.
(Tip: It's much easier only to make a copy of the ready made presets 10,14,15,16)

It is not necessary to use Preset 100 as the base, this is just an example.

Do not use the Controllers 64 (Sustain) ,65 (Portamento) and 66 (Sostenuto) this may have unwanted effects with Reaktor.

Select the first of your Presets. (f.e. 100)

If you want to be sure that these Presets are loaded automatically set the pocketDial DiP-Switches as indicated by the Editor.

The Picture shows the first Preset in the pocketEditor


2) Reaktor 3

Open the Midi Settings Dialog:

Menu: System->Midi Settings


Use Insert to add the Inport and Outport of your pocketDial and eventually the inport of your Midi-Keyboard.

Load the example Preset  Organ1.ens  included in this tutorial.(see the picture below)


The pocketDial Knobs have already been assigned like this:


Osc 1

Osc 2

Osc 3

Osc 4

Osc 5

Osc 6

Osc 7

Osc 8

Tune 1

Tune 2

Tune 3

Tune 4

Tune 5

Tune 6

Tune 7

Tune 8

Bank 2:

ADSR 1-4  Attack

ADSR 1-4  Decay

ADSR 1-4  Sustain

ADSR 1-4  Release

ADSR 5-8  Attack

ADSR 5-8  Decay

ADSR 5-8  Sustain

ADSR 5-8  Release


LFO Range

LFO Rate

New Assign

Reverb Time

Reverb LPF

Reverb PreDelay

Reverb Dry/Wet


New Assign: Knob 12 of Bank2 will now be assigned to Master (Volume)

  • be shure to select Bank 2 of the pocketDial
  • use the context menu of the Fader "Master" ,select Midi Learn and then move Knob 12, you will see the master Fader move
  • use the context menu of the Fader "Master" to display its properties

It should look like the left picture.

You should set the options and "Panel to MIDI" (see the picture on the right)

Thats'all. Other buttons in other banks can be assigned in the same way.

Try to select different Reaktor Presets of the Organ instrument. When moving the alpha dials there will be no parameter jumps.

Use the Bank Buttons to switch quickly between the different parameter sets.

It is also possible to move the on-screen knobs and the alpha dials without parameter jumps.

For this to work it is important to set "Panel to MIDI"

Last change 05/22/02