Ableton - Live


Live allows you to assign arbitrary Midi notes/controllers to mixer and effect controls.

Click the MIDI button on the control bar or select Edit MIDI Map from Options menu to view and edit the assignments.

Any item on the interface that can be controlled by MIDI will be colored in, and Live will display the MIDI channel and the note/controller number that has been assigned to each item.
Select an item and send an controller event by pocketControl/Fader/Dial that you want to use and it will automatically be assgined.
Pressing the Delete/Backspace key will discard the assignment for the selected item.


Relative :

You need  LiveUpdate 1.1 for the support of relative controller values.

This feature was implemented and tested exclusively with pocketDial by Ableton.

For relative controller the learn procedure is the same as for an absolute controller.

If a realtive controller is received Live will recognise this (the background of the item turns green otherwise it will stay blue).

When learning a relative controller the only thing to pay attention to is to move the dial slowly in one direction and not to move it  very quick left and right like mad.