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Time is relative. The CronoX Sample Synthesizer features a Sample Oscillator with independent time stretch and pitch shift. And of course in realtime with all modulations options you can expect from a GakStoar series synthesizer.





Most synthesizers offer various waveforms. CronoX offers you an endless source of waveforms. Load any sample you like and process it like you’ve never done before.

  • VST 2.0 sample based synthesizer for PC
  • 24 voice polyphonic (CPU dependent) and 64 sound programs
  • Samples (WAV/AIFF up to 96kHz/24bit) can be time stretched and pitch shifted independently in realtime.
  • Additional Analogue modelled oscillator
  • Analogue modelled multimode filters with cutoff and resonance, full modulatable



  • Works with Dopefer Pocket Dial, the reasonable priced alpha dial
  • Fully recognized Velocity, Aftertouch, Pitch bend , Modwheel and various other controllers
  • ADSFR type envelope for Amplitude, Cutoff and a free assignable Modulation Envelope
  • Unique GakStoar type 8x8 Modulation Matrix
  • Two full equipped LFOs with many waveforms, tempo sync and symmetry adjustment
  • Sample accurate timing, full automation and settings are saved with your song




High End Sample Processing
You know what you can expect from a LinPlug instrument. The sample processing that has made the RM 2 famous. And Modulation options on the  Delta Level. Combined in the CronoX sample synth. Allowing you to mangle samples in a way not seen before in a VST instrument. To get and idea of what you can do with the Sample Oscillator of CronoX we highly recommend to listen to our examples.


Powerful Modulation Matrix
Creativity loves options. CronoX's modulation matrix offers more than 200 modulation routings. So you can route velocity, Aftertouch, controller and internal sources like the powerful LFOs or Modulation Envelope to whatever destination you want.  And in CronoX you can modulate many parameters that are not accessible in other synth! So you can modulate the pitch and time base of a sample independently of each other.




Taking the step ahead
Beside all those cutting edge sample processing and modulation options you will find many more unique features: A complete delay section per sound program, a Spread parameter allowing you to play polyphonic unisono sounds with low CPU usage and the LinPlug ECS for the easiest way of setting up MIDI controllers (including alpha dials!).


VST2.0-capable host software (see compatibility  list) and a PC that matches the  host software requirements (min. 300 MHz)

Install the demo directly here

Purchasing Information:
The license fee is 45 US $,
you can purchase directly from our shop.
Delivery typically in less than 24 hours

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