Some comments about crusherX-Live:

Jetzt habe ich einen PC gefunden, der´s bringt und erkenne das Potential hinter dieser Software. Eines kann ich jetzt schon sagen: Crusher-X wird den Sound meines Projektes definitiv beeinflussen. Die nächste WAVE IN HEAD - CD wird ein gutes Beispiel dafür sein ;-).
So, dann will ich mal registrieren...

Gruss, Michael Pohl

Übrigens ein verdammt gutes Porgramm, die Registrierung hat sich wirklich
gelohnt! Ich benutze es hauptsächlich für experimentellen Dark Ambient und Industrial Noise und die Ergebnisse sind schon mit crusherXlive alleine ohne jegliche anderen Geräte oder Software unglaublich.

Dietmar Pier 

i was observing crusher-x for a year and checked out several versions.
now with apparently all bugs fixed and even asio-support, it's a must for me to get. one of the rare truly inspiring and truly interesting pieces of software it was from the beginning, now it seems also rock-stable, so : congratulations ! there's nothing equal, at least not on pc.

c.s:/rotorik [mosquito/mutter] 

I've been using Crusher-X 2.0 for about a week now and I am impressed to 
no end.  The new ASIO support makes an incredible difference compared to earlier versions -- my system can get about 3 times as many generators at twice the sample rate I used previously! The endless and hypnotizing possibilities Crusher-X offers in sound generation and processing make it a unique and eminently useful piece of software for musicians and sound designers.  Also, I noticed you had a link on your page to Barry Truax's homepage.  You may be somewhat jealous to know that he was one of my professors when I did my degree in Communications. 


Ich wollte nur sagen, wie toll ich crusher x finde! Absolut abgefahren. 
Ich werd mir das Programm sofort bestellen, wenn ich wieder flüssig bin. ...
Die 2.02 ist wirklich um einiges besser als die alte Version. Läuft auch
viel smoother. Gekoppelt mit dem Spektral Delay wird das eine Superwaffe,
wenn letzteres irgendwann mal vernünftig funktioniert.

Coole Sache, das.

Hi,...Anyway, your Crusher is kicking ass... amazing software!
I did some stuff with it and it convinced me I had to register.

Your application is the only one that really gives me te feeling that
there is music after life....
Ferry Bodijn

I just downloaded and installed the crusher-x demo and I must say I will be 
registering immediately. The sounds this program are capable of are simply amazing.
For the electronic artists out there with software addictions looking for something other than the run-of-the-mill loop-based stuff which is nearly impossible to use for the sounds you can easily render with this, the download is very well worth it. I will be posting mp3's freely available on my site,, using this software as soon as it is registered and I have a chance to work with it in my setup. 
Thank you,

Terry Robertson

Hello. My name is SUGIMOTO tomoyuki. I'm an ameteur musician from JAPAN.
I began to use "Crusher-X Live!" since this software was introduced on the magazine called "Keyboard Magazine".  I'm very fond of this software. I'm not un-registered yet, but infuture, I'll register the Crusher-X.

Now I'm making my original CD-Album (and it will finish so soon). And one of the tunes contained in this album, I used Crusher-X Live.  I'm not registered, so I recorded the output of the Crusher-X to another recording software in realtime. 
 If this album is finished, I want you to listen to it. 


hi all,
i've tried CrusherX and i'm terribly happy :o) the sounds are incredible ( i
don't know exactly what i've done but Z sound is nice !!!)...
Big congratulations to all u'r staff :o))) this is a great job ! & it looks
so powerfull ...

hi all,
i've tried CrusherX and i'm terribly happy :o) the sounds are incredible ( i
don't know exactly what i've done but Z sound is nice !!!)...
Big congratulations to all u'r staff :o))) this is a great job ! & it looks
so powerfull ...

I have tried many programs 
(acid,rebirth,fruity loops etc.) to create that *special* sound but none of them - NONE of them - even come close to the mind blowing creation that is Crusher-X. I registered this program after spending only 4 hours playing around with it. I've created sounds I never even dreamed possible. This program is well worth the asking price! Thanks and thanks again!

Shimone/DJ Justes

Greetings büro,
your program is phenominal. truly, one of the most amazing synthesizers i have ever used.

- extremely manipulatable
- dangerous
- very clean algorhythms / dsp structure

it seems you have taken much into mind when you programmed the crusherX module. from a producer's standpoint, i can only praise the well done ergonomics. your synth will be featured in many of my upcoming installations. i will let you know specifics as they come to fruition.

I used Crusher-X
recently for the title sequence in a low budget feature film called "Sally", starring Rachael Leigh Cook. The sequence involves a processed night driving scene. I loaded some samples into Crusher and ran it through a T.C. Electronics Fireworx. It was the perfect effect for dream-like  highway car bys.

Thanks for the cool tool !

Fetter Synthesizer für Windows (Beitrag in NBC GIGA)
(Norbert) Dringt mit diesem Mega-Tool in die Tiefen synthetischer Töne vor und erstellt abgehobene Sounds wie die Profis ...

... Nicht nur Fans elektronischer Musik sollten sich den "Crusher X Live" genauer ansehen. Mit diesem Programm sind Sounds und Loops möglich, die bisher nur Profi-Studios vorbehalten waren. Auch wenn sich der Bildschirm zunächst KOMPLETT mit Reglern, Buttons und Anzeigen füllt, erschließt sich die Bedienung bereits nach kürzester Zeit.

Profi wie Anfänger werden Ihre helle Freude an diesem Tool haben. Die vorliegende Sharewareversion beschränkt einige Funktionen, dennoch lässt sich damit bereits prima arbeiten.

Der "Crusher X Live" wurde uns von Wulfmann empfohlen.


I love crusher-X 
and I can't wait to install the upgrade! I was showing it to a friend of mine who also writes music and he loved it... I think we killed a good 5 hours that night just exploring the wild sonic landscapes that you can make with this thing,,, We fired up a joystick, patched in some additional effects, made some loops, and I still don't know what half of the knobs do yet! Hey, it
hasn't been shown to kill brain cells, has it? :> I'm looking forward to seeing the MIDI implementaion, I wanna hook a D-beam
controller up to it something fierce! Thanks again, keep the great
work coming!


p.s.: yeah, you can quote any or all of the above if you want to. Oh, and give me a key so I can stop fidgeting :)

I'm an already registred user 
of your wonderful piece of software called CrusherX!! I have no special comments or things a want to be changed in this software, i'm just using it with pleasure and see it evolve by itself (with your help. It is alive!). You know, CrusherX is the first shareware i register 15 minutes after i downloaded it!

I'm an multi-media technician in a museum in Québec city (CANADA) called Le Musée de la Civilisation. CrusherX is very helpful for me to create soundscapes in a way the others softwares can't...very intuitive (or scientific).

Great work. Continue...

Louis Lamontagne

Thanksfor creating Crusher.
The larger windows is very helpful! And I find the random buttons to be very educational. I use this to add texture to sound effects I create for pc games.


You never get suggestions 
from me because I like it so much! I figure you already have a 'to do' list in your head already the second you release a new version! I guess I spend more time making music and unless something is
REALLY a big problem I leave the design and improvements to you. Just keep 'em coming and I'll be happy!


I have been using Crusher-X 
on a PC with a PIII450, 256M RAM... At first I found the program a little difficult to use, but finally understood it and I used it, with some percussion sounds as the raw material, to generate  passages in my latest electroacoustic composition.

I really think the program is interesting and I will continue to use it. One change I would like to suggest is:

I would like to be able to change the periodic repetitions of the source material to some other length than that of the source material itself, and possibly to introduce random temporal variations into the periodic repetitions.

Thank you for this useful compositional tool.

James Brody

I am a part-time musician. 
I am trying to make synth tracks for my songs with your program. I still have to learn alot more about how to get the sounds I want, so far everything sounds like bubbles, but I'm getting closer.
I like that it lets you load wave files right in. If you would like to hear some of my music, I am at or - Matt D. Look for a song called "when superman flies by" It will be a few days before it is on, but Im using crusherx in this one.
Thanks again,

Matt D'Errico

Hello Joerg,
I use the program regularly for sound design and alot of times a sound will be sent through another utility called X-incarn. Just to get as much "tweak" as possible. I have some songs up and around and if you are interested you can find them through the site filed as "Yachts for Sale". I have a question: Are you going to implement midi into crusher-X ? (Answer: Yes sure!)
Thank you again,

Vincent Arezzi

The software synth thing 
is new to me, having stuck with acoustic instruments and harddisk recording. But I thought I might need some interesting sounds. I'll see if I can figure your program out. It looks like it offers a lot for the money.


Vielen Dank, Jörg,
I love this program! I'll be using it for an electronic piece I'm just starting. Thanks!


Thanks for getting rid of the demo limitation. I sincerely appreciate this. Thanks for taking account of the comments. Cheers!!

Mechanoise Labs

Hi there
betr.: crusherX
wirklich tolles tool
ich wills kaufen
brauche eure ktnr und genaue advices
pleaze mail back
cu frank

Hi there buro,
i'm an electronic musician who uses kyma's granular synthesis.  i saw your post on the vst list. The features mentioned on your web page regarding fog synthesis are intriguing to me.  i'm always on the hunt for new digital instruments. unfortunately for me, i'm on a mac platform, so i can't test the software you  have available.  let me know if/when you create a mac version.


I just got your crusherX app and LOVE it...
I will spend more time with it in the near future but what I saw in the 1/2 hour I've been playing around with it is totally AWESOME!!!!!

good work!!


Thank you for your quick response!!! 
I am still downloading (the net is slow today :( ) I can't wait to start playing.  I played with the unregistered version, and was immensely impressed!!! I'm looking forward to realtime midi control - I have sold most of my outboard gear and am using only computers now, a mac for logic and a pc for soundforge and various softsynths to offload the mac. Crusher-x is at least as deep as software like Max, and I think has far more potential.  Keep up the great work!


looks like loads of fun!  I'm sure I'll come back to you with a wish list.


wollte nur Bescheid geben daß ich den Crusher zu meiner Page geaddet hab.

... und ihn völlig geil finde :-)


Servus crusher-X team,
I would like to thank you much for this great program that I've been looking for for months. This progam makes a great tool for generating
sounds not from this world!!

And now for some suggestion. I think crusher-X would also make a good vector synth. A vector synth is actually nothing more than a sample or
soundwave player that is able to blend up to 4 sample or soundwaves dynamically via joystick. where each sound is assigned to up/down/left/ or right.

An envelope could be helpful, too And some kind of a loop point editor and a fine tuner for the samples.

Thank you, I'm looking forward to try out the new version


I haven't had enough time 
to use it much, i have been too busy doing my 'other' work (systems/network engineer... im a unix dude at heart :) ) Crusher-x is one of the most unique audio processing prohrams i have seen... im looking forward to finally using what i've paid for :)


Hi there,
I just downloaded the crusher-x demo and, for sure, I will be registering it soon !
Very intuitive  and serious program. It creates ambiances I was looking for.
Love the lobster logo...
You will see me to get that free drink...


Joerg, what an amazing program! 
I have been playing with it but haven't had the time to master it yet...I really want to learn more about it so Ic an use it in my live concerts this summer... please keep me on your mailing list!! keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!!!


My compliments 
on a very interesting and powerful synth device.


Dear Joerg, once again I thank you for your help. 
It is a pleasure working with you and your creative program.


Your program is totally amazing...thank you
keep on going....

I just resently instaled the crusher, 
and I am currently using it. this is an excellent pice of software. it is by far the best virtual synth i have. i realize that by the nature of the crusher it doese not lend itself readily to working with BPM (beats per minute). I am trying to lay down some drum tracks and other synth work in addition to the crusher.  What is the best way to match the BPM with your software???

Thanks, Jason 

I'm a registered user of CrusherX and I think it is an amazing

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