Do you like to hear some mp3 examples now?

Before we start please read the following comment:

All sounds on this site are only generated with crusher-X, without any remix or layering afterwards. All sounds are directly bounced to disk while hacking on the crusher-X interface! Although it is possible no MIDI or Sequencer was attached. It had take only about 10min work to create these sound files. All sounds are created with the demo-version and the demo-settings that are included inside the downloadable package. 

An mp3 encoder is used to convert the sounds from wav to mp3. You need a mp3 playersoftware to hear the samples.

Internal Oscillators driven through the vapor 

It seems to be impossible to give a short overview about the possibilities of crusher-X. But anyway, let us start with some "simple" sounds generated with the internal oscillators.

Sound-Files goes through the vapor

In the following examples the internal Sample-Players are enabled and mixed together with some Oscillators. The sum feeds the crusher:

Stepping through the Load List

The following example is a mix that is created by stepping through a load list. Each Part or the "Composition" is triggered for example by a joystick-event!

DJs: Use live signals or mix down the music you hates!

Just using the microphone or an attached CD-Player (may be the internal of your computer) to recycle your voice or the music that you doesn't need any more;-) Everything you get into the Windows-Mixer can go through the crusher too!

And now imagine what you can create using the crusher together with a simple Joystick, some MIDI-Events and your own great ideas! 

Give it a try!