Use the Dialogs to adjust the system
Options Choose Crusher  | Options to get to the Options dialog. All settings in the Options dialog will be saved upon closing and will be reloaded the next time you start crusher-X.

Setup allows direct access to the desired Setup Dialogs. You find this dialogs also under the Crusher menu.

Use the Auto-Start Option to let the crusher automatic starting after opening the application. This is very useful for art installations where crusher is launched by the Windows Autostart Folder.


If you want Undo/Redo functions also at changes that comes from MIDI or Joystick, check the MIDI & Joystick option.

If you don't want the loading of a crusher-sheet to overwrite your midi settings, then disable the option MIDI Settings

If you don't want the loading of a crusher-sheet to overwrite your joystick settings, then disable the option Joystick Settings

If you don't want the window arrangement loaded with the crusher-sheets then disable the option Window Positions

If you don't want the loading of a crusher-sheet to overwrite your limiter settings, then disable the option Limiter Settings

To override this settings on loading a sheet check the Save check with sheets option bevore saving a crusher sheet. On loading such a crusher sheet, the desired loads will be done even if the above checkboxes are unchecked. With this method you can create a sheet that forces e.g. a special MIDI-Setup.


On opening the application the crusher-sheet (file) crusherxlive.crx is loaded automatically. This file is automatically generated on closing crusher-X. The file is loaded with overriding the loading options (all loading options checked). This method allows crusher-X to use the unchecked items as global settings. 

The crusher try to adjust his interface scaling on starting to your actual screen size. If you like to use other settings you can adjust the interface scaling and the font of the interface. Press apply to check the desired scaling.

If you are an "crusher expert", then disable the show hints option. 

You can adjust the background settings and use your own picture. Clear the picture file box and restart the application to reset to the default background.

If you like you can set the crushers background picture as your windows desktop background. Just enable the second checkbox and press apply.


You can come direct to this dialog choosing HELP | Uninstall.

Uninstalling is as easy as installing crusher-X. Just press the "Quit and start Uninstall.exe" button to remove crusher-X from your computer.

Choose Crusher  | Limiter/Expander | Setup.

You can create your own dynamic curve by dragging and clicking the mouse within the black field. Use the scrollbars and the buttons to move and zoom in the field.

The x-axis is the input (in dB) and the y-axis is the output (also in dB). The curve describes the relationship between the averaged input dB and output dB.

The shape of the curve determines whether you have created a limiter, a compressor or an expander.

Pressing the Reset button disables the Limiter/Compressor/Expander. Resetting saves some CPU processing power.

Look at the I/O Level window to monitor the result of your curve. Use the Limiter panel to set up the envelope which shapes the input dB.

and Force 
Choose Crusher  | Force Feedback Joystick Setup. 

The setup is saved with each Crusher-Sheet. In tandem with the loadlist you can reconfigure the joystick settings with each call of a new file.

Note: Press Apply if you want to test your changes directly.

Enable the Joystick checkbox. This allows the following setup. 

If you using a Joypad with digital buttons uncheck the Analog Joystick Checkbox. 

The joystick X-Axis can control the Manual X Fader. And the joystick Y-Axis can control the Manual Y Fader. Let the desired crusher parameter be modulated by the manual faders.

To control volume settings use the Z-Axis of the joystick. Choose the desired mixer fader and the offset and scaling.


You can setup the functions of the joystick buttons. Choose the desired action witch should be triggered by pressing a button. 

The blue "Leds" will flash if you hit buttons.

Press Apply if you like to test your changes.

Force Feedback

This page allows to setup the force that will be feedback by the crusher. The force of each Axis can be modulated by three crusher modulation parameters. Note: Not the offset parameter but the modulation parameter generates the force. The three forces are added. 

Only the parameters of the first generator is used. There is no change if several generators are used. 

The resulting force is shown by the gauges. 

Tip: Let a crusher parameter modulate by Manual X or Manual Y and use this parameter generating the force. If you careful adjust the forces you can generate strange feelings (e.g. spring or damper effects).

Additional you can at a grain period effect witch is generated out of actual length and pause parameter of the first generator. This effect lets you "feel" the grains.

Press Apply to feel your changes directly.

Note that you can't use force feedback without registering crusher-X!

The force feedback functions of crusher-X were tested with Logitechs "Wingman FORCE". Other joysticks, wheels and paddles may not work in the desired way or may make strange results.