Welcome to crusherX-Live v2.33 ...

Welcome to a new world of sound synthesis! Welcome to the worlds first real-time multichannel morphing force feedback vapor soft synthesizer!

See the comments if you like to hear independent voices!

Try it Ö and hear the result! Itís more than sound, itís more than music, itís really fun!

Download now!

Please feel free to download this shareware and hear this new world of sound synthesis. No time limits! The program has no DLLs and is only installed in one Folder that you can choose. You can use an uninstaller or delete the folder manually to remove the crusher completely from your system.

What's new in v2.33?

  • Add Morphing System. This allows morphing between the loadlist entries and all other parameter changings.
  • Add Doepfer Pocket Dial Support
  • Add "Save Checks with sheet" option
  • Add more MIDI Destinations like Booster Delay, Morph Time, Undo History ect.
  • Remove some DirectX Engine Bugs
  • Remove Mixer Fades Option. This is now done by the morphing system.
  • Remove some minor bugs.

crusher-X is a shareware program whose powerful vapor synthesis  algorithm enables you to synthesize very complex and cool waves. crusher-X does distill and transform sounds quite radically. Based on traditional granular synthesis, crusher-X can be used as a synthesizer or as a versatile effects unit. You can create sounds with the internal oscillators or samplers as well as real-time stereo input sound (e.g. a microphone). Internal feedback loops allows self-oscillation within crusher-X! Multichannel ASIO Outputs allows extreme impressive sound installations and multichannel compositions up to 10 independent channels. 

An overall multidimensional morphing system morphs the sound between each parameter changing (e.g. on Loading, on Undo/Redo, on MIDI-Event, on turning a pocket dial knob etc.). This creates clouds of sweeping, shifting and graining sounds. The morph time can be ranged from 1ms up to 1 hour! 

Beside the interface you can optional control the crusher by using MIDI (unlimited amount of Key-Groups and Controllers with Map-functions) or/and a joystick. If you have a force feedback device you can feel the parameters changing. The ASIO Interface allows using of professional low latency multichannel soundcards and hardware.

granner-X VST-PlugIn

Inside the package you'll find the granner-X VST-PlugIn. This is a small crusher for VST-Hosts.


The new crusher-X algorithm (we call it vapor synthesis) is based on the traditional granular synthesis algorithm invented in the early 1950s. In granular synthesis, short (e.g. 50 milliseconds) sound fragments, "the grains," come from a buffer. The starting time, length and silence between the grains can be modulated. More than one grain at a time is possible, so you can create complex sounds "clouds" from a single sound file. Special is the floating sound buffer which allows real-time input and output. In this floating buffer the grains are created. You can apply many unusual parameters to the grains such as pitch, filter, pan, reverse, and limit - all with a simple, flexible interface. All parameters can be modulated by internal oscillator sources. A feedback loop inside the algorithm enables very complex and non-linear sound processing. Also, a multiple Undo/Redo function permits nondestructive work and encourages experimentation with crusher-X.


How it works?

On the left side of the interface you see the input sections: Samplers and DCOs. The output of this sections is mixed together with the live-input of your soundcard in the mixer ( on the right side). The sum of these signals is now routed to the vapor effect engine (middle). This effect produces the grains. Each generator generate serials of grains. The parameters of the grains are controled by the vapor modulations.

The output of the generators are added together and feeded via the limiter, the stereo booster and the feedback fader to the stereo outputs. Each generator itself is also feeded to the direct outputs of your multichannel sound hardware. If you are using more than 8 generators the 1th and 9th generator is added together, the 2th and 10th and so on. By pressing the Record Button you can record all outputs to a single multichannel wav file. You can export the multichannel wav file to single mono files.

Nearly each Fader and Knob can be controled via MIDI or Joystick.

Who needs the crusher-X?

You will need it! If you like electronic music, if you are a musician, if you are a Dj, if you are a teacher of music: Please test this very new way of creating complex and rhythmic sounds. The program is already in use by thousands of artists, musicians, teachers and Djs. Please take a look at the comments!


Based on the ASIO or DirectX interface, crusher-X comes with a 32-bit real-time DSP engine that runs on Win9x platforms with standard soundcards. For satisfying results you'll need:

  • Celeron/Pentium 300MHz or higher
  • 32 MB RAM or higher
  • 5MB hard disk and additional space for sounds
  • Win 9x/2000 (NT is not supported because of DirectX problems, try to use it with ASIO!)
  • DirectX installed on Win95 (Win98 already has DirectX installed)
  • 2-10 Channel ASIO Soundcard or 16-bit stereo (duplex) soundcard, which supports DirectX. MME-ASIO Driver from Steinberg if you have only MME-Drivers on your system.
  • crusher-X is best viewed on a 800x600 or larger display
  • Optional joystick to control sound flow.
  • Optional force feedback device (e.g. joystick). Tested with Logitech Wingman FORCE.
  • Optional MIDI In- and Output device (like on soundcards)

For information about ASIO, please visit:
For information about DirectX, please visit:

Copyrights & Trademarks

  • crusher-X and crusherX-Live! by büro </stelkens>.
  • ASIO Interface Technology by Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH.
  • VST PlugIn Technology by Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH.
  • DirectX by Microsoft Corporation.
Have fun with crusherX-Live!

Jörg Stelkens
(The author)