This site is a copy from the help-file 'fruityloops.chm' of the demo version of 'FruityLoops'
Doepfer Aug.27,2001


Live Recording Using MIDI Controller

During a recording session, you have to move the wheels and sliders in FruityLoops' interface to automate their movement. However, if you own an external MIDI controller, you can control all these controls from it. If the device you use can also send note events (usually these are MIDI keyboards), you can use it to record melodies in FruityLoops (see MIDI Settings for various options concerning keyboard input). To use your MIDI controller/keyboard in FruityLoops, first ensure you have selected the proper driver in the Remote Control Input combo box, located in the MIDI Settings page. Then check if the Enable MIDI Remote control option is enabled in the Options menu.

Linking control to MIDI device

Right-click a control to be linked and from the menu that appears click Link to MIDI Controller. The MIDI Remote Control dialog appears.

Controller Settings:

Auto Detect

Very useful option that will detect and set the controller automatically - all you need to do is just tweak the desired control on your MIDI controller.

Remove Conflicts

When this option is checked, FruityLoops will remove conflicts, like linking two wheels to the same controller.

Linking effects

If you want to automate a FruityLoops effect, you can proceed with it's controls exactly as with any FruityLoops control - right-click it to launch a pop-up menu, from where you can display the MIDI Remote Control dialog box. The same goes for VST effects that do not have their own editor's interface. Then FruityLoops provides interface for the plugin, and all wheels can be automated as usual.

To link VST effects that have their own interface, call the FX pop-up menu (see Effects Tracks window) and select Link to MIDI controller item. From the submenu that appears, either select All to link all effect's controls at once (for example, if you select controller 8, the first control is mapped to controller 8, the next one to controller 9 etc.), or select a property name to link it alone instead. Be warned that many third-party VST effects do not report properly their settings, and might crash when trying to link them to a MIDI controller. It is highly recommended that you save your project before mapping VST settings for remote control.

Unfortunately, there is no way to link DirectX effects to MIDI controller. That limitation comes from DirectX specifications, not from FruityLoops itself. Some DirectX plugins might have MIDI remote controller functionality, but NOT through the DirectX interface (so they can not be linked right inside FruityLoops). To link such effect, follow the help instructions that come with your DirectX plugin.