Shuffle 2 - Example

If you can't hear the demo on your midi-file player or if you want to download the example in Midi-File format click on the link below.


For users/owners of the Schaltwerk/Regelwerk you can download the Pattern of this example  in MidiFile- or in SYX-Format:



Important Information:
If you dump the MID/SYX-File into you Schaltwerk/Regelwerk it will overwrite Pattern 64.
Be shure, that you've made a copy of this pattern, if you used it for your own before.
If you want to convert the Pattern / Preset - Number of an Schaltwerk/Regelwerk sysexdump you must do this by hand  (look for the file-header format) or you can use our tool WERKMAP.EXE.  (Only available for WINDOWS-PC   Win3.11/95/98/NT )
(Which means, that you can map the pattern/preset numbers of  all   ....WERK - devices)