SCHALTWERK Pattern Sequencer


now with blue LEDs available too (extra charge)

Price: Euro 1199.00 (i.e. about US$ 1100.00)
Extra charge
blue series (with blue LEDs): Euro 200.00 (i.e. about US$ 200.00)

SCHALTWERK is a professional tool for generating pattern-based musical structures. It is an input and controlling instrument for rhythmic trigger patterns, arpeggios, analog sequences, chord triggers and other rhythmic structures whereby all functions are available simultaneously. The real time access to all 8 tracks predestinates SCHALTWERK for improvisation and live events. The main features are:

  • 8 track pattern sequencer with MIDI
  • 16 CV- and 8 Gate outputs
  • controls for each track: 16 buttons and LEDs
  • setting/resetting of steps by pressing the corresponding button while the pattern is running, resulting in lively structures changeable in real time
  • display of the active steps and the actual step
  • mute/demute track by a dedicated mute button for each track
  • MIDI-note or controller event, master note, master velocity, prescale, note length, delay, MIDI channel and last step (for uneven measures) independently programmable for each track
  • for each single step note and velocity are programmable or may be recorded from an external MIDI keyboard (analog sequencer mode)
  • in combination with incoming MIDI-notes each track may alternatively work as an arpeggiator, chord trigger or gater (combined with the possibility to turn each step on or off)
  • 128 patterns (1 Pattern = 8 tracks of 16 steps)
  • fast selection of patterns with 32 pattern and 4 pattern bank buttons with LEDs
  • creation of pattern-links (1-2/1-2-3-4), i.e. track expansion to 32 or 64 steps
  • 16 songs, each song has 128 steps for pattern number and number of repetitions of the pattern
  • fast selection of songs with 8 song buttons and 2 song bank buttons with LEDs
  • copy, move, clear, load, save tracks, patterns and songs
  • save all informations via MIDI SysEx
  • synchronisation (internal/external) via MIDI-Clock
  • record function: realtime recording of certain actions similiar to a software sequencer
  • transposition of sequences via MIDI notes
  • 2 separate MIDI inputs, 2 separate MIDI outputs, DIN-SYNC (Roland compatible) input or output
  • light grey 19" case, 8 height units
  • 184 LEDs (standard: red, blue series: blue), 208 buttons, 2-line LC-display, alpha-dial for data input
  • optically similiar to Regelwerk, MAQ16/3, A-100, MCV24, MS-404 ....

For more detailed information please look at the english manual.