A-111-2 High End VCO II/LFO
Vorankündigung / preliminary

First prototyope (Superbooth 2016)

Second prototyope (June 2016)


Module A-111-2 is the successor of the obsolete High End VCO I A-111-1.

Here are the most important features of the planned module:

  • triangle core
  • min. 15 octaves pitch range (typ. 0.5Hz - 20kHz in VCO mode / 0.001Hz - 40Hz in LFO mode)
  • perfect 1V/octave tracking over min. 10 octaves (typ. 20Hz - 20kHz)
  • exponential frequency controls and inputs:
    • Tune (about +/- 1 octave range)
    • Fine (about +/- 1 semitone range)
    • Octave (range switch with 6 positions)
    • 1V/octave CV input
    • XFM input with attenuator
    • access to bus CV (via jumper, optional)
  • linear frequency controls and inputs:
    • LF (manual linear frequency control: fully CW = standard setting for usual VCO applications, fully CCW: close to 0Hz frequency)
      works also as a kind of range control for the exponential section
    • LFM input with attenuator, DC coupled
  • Pulsewidth controls and inputs (for rectangle output):
    • PW (manual pulsewidth control from 0%/output = fixed at "low" state up to 100% / output fixed at "high" state)
    • PWM input with attenuator
  • Hard Sync input
  • Soft Sync input
  • Waveform outputs:
    • Sawtooth
    • Rectangle (controlled from pulsewidth section)
    • Triangle
    • Sine
  • dual color LED display (to display low frequencies below ~ 25 Hz)
  • Nearly "perfect" waveforms (no glitches)
  • high end triangle to sine converter with excellent sine waveshape (thank's to Tim Stinchcombe who recommended this circuit)
  • the micro precision VCO A-111-3 uses the same VCO core as the A-111-2, but has less inputs, outputs and controls
  • Modification final version: additional range switch (between Octave and Tune) to select VCO/LFO mode (see lower picture)
  • frequency relation between VCO mode and LFO mode about 1:500

This is a preliminary information about the planned module. The features are still subject to change and all specifications are still preliminary without any obligation !

Breite/Width: 14TE / 14HP / 70.8 mm
Tiefe/Depth: 55 mm (gemessen ab der Rückseite der Frontplatte / measured from the rear side of the front panel)
Strombedarf/Current: +70mA (+12V) / -50mA (-12V)

Preis / Price: about Euro 250.00
Liefertermin/date of delivery: ~ August/September 2016
All features, specifications, prices, date of delivery are still without obligation
The price in US$ depends upon the exchange rate between Euro and US$ at the payment day. Free currency converter: