VST PlugIn Technology by Steinberg


granner-X is a shareware VST PlugIn that comes together with crusherX-Live. See www.steinberg.de for detailes about the VST PlugIn technology. The powerful vapor synthesis algorithm enables you to synthesize very complex and cool waves. granner-X does distill and transform sounds quite radically. Based on traditional granular synthesis, granner-X is a versatile effects unit. Internal feedback loops allow self-oscillation within granner-X! granner-X is the little VST brother from crusherX-Live and may be it growns up to "crusherX-Studio" in the next time. Please stay tuned.

Cubase Installation

- Simply copy the file "grannerX.dll" that you find inside the crusherX-Live package to your VST PlugIns folder,
i.e. C:\audio\Steinberg\Cubase Audio VST\Vstplugins

- Cubase 3.7 allows you to put PlugIns in sub-folders within the "Vstplugins" folder.
i.e. C:\audio\Steinberg\Cubase Audio VST\Vstplugins\bs

Wavelab Installation

- Copy the .dll to your Wavelab PlugIns folder,
i.e. C:\Program Files\Audio\Steinberg\WaveLab\System\Plugins

- If you installed the PlugIn to your Cubase folder and want to use it in Wavelab make sure the PlugIn is in the root of the \Steinberg\Cubase Audio VST\Vstplugins, folder. Some versions of Wavelab won't find plugins in sub-directories within the "Vstplugins" folder.


Please register  crusherX-Live and granner-X together !