A-157 Trigger Sequencer Subsystem
Vorankündigung / preliminary

Matrix Module (revised version February 2015 based on customer suggestions at NAMM):

  • additional bright vertical separation lines in the black blocks

  • double functions for some buttons to obtain more features (e.g. Shift Left + Right = Swap, Forward + Backward = Pendulum)

  • two unused buttons (labelled "???") for new functions (e.g. we try to include the ratcheting feature in the final version)

  • some LEDs with different colors (e.g. steps 1/9 and Mute, just a suggestion, it's not for sure that different colors will be used and if applicable which colors will be used)

Output Module

Control Module
Matrix Module
(version NAMM 2015, with modified function block for more features)
Output Module
(version NAMM 2015)
Control Module
(version NAMM 2015)
Matrix Module (new version summer 2014, with function block) Trigger Output Module Basic Control Module Enhanced Control Module
Matrix Module (old version, just 8x16 matrix without function block)
Picture of the second prototype (8x16 matrix with frontpanel, still without printing, without function block)
Picture of the very first prototype (only 8x8 matrix, without front panel, only pcb for the matrix)
with an alternative display at the left side which will be not realized !

A-157 is a trigger sequencer subsystem that is used to generate up to eight trigger signals controlled by a 8x16 LED/button matrix (some customers call it "Miniature Schaltwerk" as it is based on the same matrix as the no longer available Schaltwerk). The system is still in the prototype state. Consequently the specifications on this page are still preliminary !

The subsystem will probably contain several modules:

  • the LED/button matrix module A-157-1
  • the trigger output module A-157-2
  • one of the control modules (A-157-3, A-157-4 ...)

The LED/button matrix module A-157-1 is the core of the subsystem. It is used to set or reset the trigger event on each of the 16 steps of each of the 8 rows.
The trigger output module A-157-2 outputs the 8 trigger signals and has an LED display for each trigger. We will probably add a mute button or mute switch for each row that allows to turn the trigger output off/on independent for each row.
In the final version the modules A-157-1 and A-157-2 will be probably merged into one module only because both modules are essential for the subsystem.

The module A-157-1/2 (or the merged module that will contain both units) can be connected to a simple control module or a more sophisticated control module which is planned for the future (similar to the A-155 and A-154 conceptual design where the A-155 includes a simple control unit that can be replaced by the A-154 which offers a lot of additional functions).

At the beginning a simple control module A-157-3 similar to the A-155 control unit will be available. It offers only the functions clock, start/stop and reset (both with manual controls and control inputs). For this standard control unit the tempo (clock) is the same for all 8 rows, the direction is forward and the length of each row is 16.

We also plan a more complex control module A-157-4 that allows additional functions like 128 memories for trigger sequences, different clock/start/stop/reset for 2 or 4 groups of rows (e.g. common for rows 1-4 and 5-8, or in pairs), independent first/last step for each row, independent direction (forward/backward/pendulum/random) for each row, one-shot mode, LC display and so on. But these ideas are very preliminary and we will have to find out which functions are essential.

There are also plans for a stand-alone version adapted to the design of Dark Energy and Dark Time with the same case dimensions and wooden side panels (provisional name "Dark Flow")

Latest news (as of July 22nd, 2014): Based upon suggestions of customers the matrix board has been completely redesigned. The functions MUTE, SELECT, SHIFT LEFT, SHIFT RIGHT and INVERT ROW (when shift left and right are operated simultaneously) have been added for each row. This requires also a redesign of the processor board to support the new functions. Therefore the planned release date has to be postponed to end of 2014 (without any obligation).

release date: ~ summer 2014 spring 2015 (only A-157-1 ... 3,  so far there is no release date available for the planned module A-157-4 and the stand-alone unit Dark Flow !)
All features, specifications, prices and release date are still without any obligation !

Breite/Width: ? / ? HP / ? mm
Tiefe/Depth: ? mm (gemessen ab der Rückseite der Frontplatte / measured from the rear side of the front panel)
Strombedarf/Current: ? mA

Preis/Price: about Euro 400.00 for the module combo A-157-1...3
Liefertermin  / release date: ca. Frühjahr 2015 / spring 2015

All features, specifications, prices and release date are still without any obligation !

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