A-184-1 8x8 Patch Matrix
Produkt-Idee / Module idea
Latest news: because of the poor results of the poll in the A-100 Yahoo group we decided not to release this module ! 

prototype version 3 (Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008)

  • 8 x 8 patch matrix with standard 3.5 mm jack sockets at the crosspoints

  • at the crosspoint shortening plugs or plugs with diodes, resistors or other electronic parts can be plugged in

  • typical applications:

    multiple signal distribution ( 1...8 = inputs, A...H = outputs,  with shortening plugs)
    signal mixing (with resistor plugs)
    gate/trigger combination (with diode plugs)

We are still looking for a manufacturer of suitable shortening plugs or plugs with resistors, diodes and other electronic parts.

Currently there are three different version under development/discussion:

  • version 1: distance between the sockets same as e.g. for A-180 (~ 13.5 mm), each socket is mounted with a nut, outputs at the right side, panel width ~ 28 HP
  • version 2: smaller distance between the sockets (about 11 mm), therefore only every second socket can be mounted with a nut (in the picture only the left, right and bottom sockets are fixed with nuts), outputs at the bottom, panel width ~ 22 HP
  • version 3: same distance between the sockets as version 2, mounting of the pc board with 4 screws (no sockets nuts), this is probably the most economic version as only 4 screws and bolts have to be mounted, panel width ~ 22 HP

front panel version 3
this is probably the final version
possible the distance of the 8 input sockets (1...8) at the left side to the first row of the patch matrix will be increased by 2 HP (~ 10 mm) to have a larger between the inputs and the patch field

alternative front panel versions

front panel version 2

front panel version 1

Breite/Width: ~ 22 oder 28TE / 22 or 28HP (unverbindlich, without obligation), Strombedarf/Current: 0 mA (passives Modul, passive module)

Preise / Prices:
~ Euro 100.00 (version 3) - 120.00 (version 1), Modul ohne Stecker / only module without plugs (unverbindlich, without obligation)
Die Preise für die verschiedenen Steckertypen stehen noch nicht fest / The prices for the different plug types still have to be calculated 

Liefertermin/date of delivery: The module will be probably not released

All features, specifications, prices, date of delivery are still without obligation
The price in US$ depends upon the exchange rate between Euro and US$ at the payment day. Free currency converter:

Latest news: because of the poor results of the poll in the A-100 Yahoo group we decided not to release this module !