Brochures and User's Manuals
(as of Oktober 2018)

A user's manual can be obtained as well when you select a product in the products overview and click to the link for the user's guide in the product description. Normally this is located at the end of the product description. Additionally some user's guides of older devices which are no longer in production are available (most of them in German language and only the words, no pictures).

To obtain the user's guide of a device please click to the corresponding link of the table below:

Product range       brochure (pdf file)
News NAMM 2018   news NAMM January 2018   NAMM_news_2018.pdf
News NAMM 2017   news NAMM January 2017   NAMM_news_2017.pdf
News NAMM 2016   news NAMM January 2016   NAMM_news_2016.pdf
A-100   A-100 brochure as pdf file   Info_A100_english.pdf
Keyboards   brochure that includes all Keyboards   Info_keyboards_english.pdf
OEM   brochure that includes all OEM products   Info_OEM_english.pdf
other products   brochure that includes all products (except A-100, Keyboards and OEM)   Info_english.pdf
Product range  

Device / Module

  User's manual (pdf file)
Synthesizers Dark Energy III   Dark_Energy_III_Manual.pdf
Dark Energy III additional technical notes    Dark_Energy_III_technical_information.pdf
Dark Energy II (device no longer available)   Dark_Energy_II_Manual.pdf
Dark Energy II additional technical notes  (device no longer available)   Dark_Energy_II_technical_information.pdf
Dark Energy I  (device no longer available)   Dark_Energy_Manual.pdf
Dark Energy I additional technical notes (device no longer available)   Dark_Energy_technical_information.pdf
DIY Synth do-it-yourself analog synthesizer   DIY_Synth_Manual.pdf
Keyboards LMK4+ Midi Master Keyboard (new version with USB)   LMK4_USB_Manual.pdf  
  LMK4+ Midi Master Keyboard (old version without USB, no longer available)   LMK4_man.pdf
  LMK2+ Midi Master Keyboard (new version with USB)   LMK2_USB_Manual.pdf
  LMK2+ Midi Master Keyboard (old version without USB, no longer available)   LMK2_man.pdf
  LMK1+ Midi Master Keyboard (device no longer available)   LMK1_man.pdf
  SK2000 Midi Masterkeyboard (device no longer available)   SK_man.pdf
  PK88 Midi Masterkeyboard (new version with USB)   PK88_USB_Manual.pdf
  PK88 Midi Masterkeyboard (old version without USB, no longer available)   PK88_man.pdf
d3m Midi Organ Keyboard   d3m_manual.pdf
d3c Midi/USB Organ Controller (device no longer available)   d3c_manual.pdf
MKE Universal Midi Keyboard Electronics see OEM products    MKE_manual.pdf
Controllers/Faderboxes/Sequencer Dark Time Sequencer   Dark_Time_Manual.pdf Version 1.1
Version 1.2
  MAQ16/3 Sequencer (device no longer available)   Maq_man.pdf
  R2M Midi-Ribbon-Controller   R2M_man.pdf
  Drehbank Midi Control Box (device no longer available)   Drehbank_man.pdf
  Pocket Control/Pocket Fader (device no longer available)   pc_man.pdf
  Pocket Dial (device no longer available)   pd_man.pdf
  Regelwerk (device no longer available)   rw_man.pdf
  Schaltwerk (device no longer available)   sw_man.pdf
MIDI-CV/Gate/SYNC Dark Link USB/Midi to CV/Gate Interface    Dark_Link_Manual.pdf
MCV4 Midi CV/Gate Interface   MCV4_man.pdf
MCV24 Midi CV/Gate/Sync Interface (device no longer available)   mcv24_man.pdf 
  MSY2 Midi Sync Interface   MSY2_man.pdf
OEM products DIY Synth do-it-yourself analog synthesizer   DIY_Synth_Manual.pdf
CTM64 Contact to Midi Interface (main board)   CTM64_man.pdf
CTM64 Relay Board   CTM_relay_manual.pdf
MTC64 Midi to Gate Interface  (main board)   MTC64_man.pdf
MTC64 Relay Board (device no longer available)   MTC_relay_manual.pdf
MTC64 Output Board (transistor driver board)   MTC64_out_manual.pdf
MTC64 Power Board (device no longer available)   MTC64_power_manual.pdf
Pocket Electronic Universal Midi Controller Electronics Kit   PE_manual.pdf
Dial Electronic Universal Midi Controller Electronics Kit for rotary encoders  (device no longer available)   DE_manual.pdf
Wheel Electronic Universal Midi Controller Electronics Kit for wheels, joysticks, breath controllers, foot controlers ...   WE_manual.pdf
USB64 Universal Midi and USB Controller Electronics Kit   USB64_manual.pdf
MKE Universal Midi Keyboard Electronics Kit   MKE_manual.pdf
MBP25 Midi Bass Pedal Electronics Kit   MBP25_manual.pdf
MTV16 Midi-to-Voltage Interface with 16 Analog Voltage Outputs   MTV16_manual.pdf
Analog Modular System A-100 Short form manual / safety instruction   A100_short_form_manual.pdf
A-100 complete user's manual (~ 40 MB)   A100_Manual_complete.pdf
A-100 Technical Details   not available as pdf file 
  A-100 Construction Details   not available as pdf file 
  A-100 Complete Systems   not available as pdf file 
  A-100 Portable suitcase versions   not available as pdf file 
  A-100 Further Reading   not available as pdf file 
  A-100 manual introduction    A100_intro_e.pdf
  A-100 DIY kits   A100_DIY_Kits.pdf
  A-100CGK CV/Gate keyboard A100_CGK_manual.pdf
  A-101-1 Vactrol Steiner Filter  A1011_man.pdf
  A-101-2 Vactrol Lowpass Gate  A1012_man.pdf
  A-101-3 Vactrol Modular Phase Filter  A1013_man.pdf
  A-101-9 Universal Vactrol Module A1019_man.pdf
  A-102 Diode Low Pass    same as A103_man.pdf
  A-103 18dB Low Pass    A103_man.pdf
  A-104 four-fold Trautonium Formant Filter    A104_man.pdf
  A-105 24dB SSM Low Pass    same as A122_man.pdf
  A-106-1 Xtreme Lowpass/Highpass Filter    A1061_man.pdf
  A-106-5 SEM Filter    not yet available
  A-106-6 XP Filter (16 different filter types)   not yet available
  A-107 Multitype Morphing Filter  A107_man.pdf
  A-108 6/12/24/48 Formant Filter    A108_man.pdf
  A-109 Voltage Controlled Audio Signal Processor (no longer available)   A109_man.pdf
  A-110 Standard VCO    A110_man.pdf
  A-111-1 High End VCO (no longer available)   A111_man.pdf
  A-111-5 Synthesizer Voice (no longer available)   A111_5_man.pdf
  A-112 Sampler/Wavetable Oscillator    A112_man.pdf 
  A-113 Subharmonic Oscillator    A113_man.pdf
  A-114 Dual Ringmodulator    A114_man.pdf
  A-115 Audio Divider    A115_man.pdf
  A-116 VC Waveform Processor    A116_man.pdf
  A-117 Digital Noise / 808 Source    A117_man.pdf
  A-118 Noise/Random    A118_man.pdf
  A-119 External Input/Envelope Follower    A119_man.pdf
  A-120 24dB Low Pass 1    A120_man.pdf
  A-121 12dB Multimode VCF  (no longer available)   A121_man.pdf
  A-122 24dB Low Pass 2    A122_man.pdf
  A-123 24dB High Pass (no longer available)   A123_man.pdf
  A-124 Wasp Filter    A124_man.pdf
  A-125 VC Phaser    A125_man.pdf
  A-126 VC Frequency Shifter (no longer available)   A126_man.pdf
  A-127 Triple VC Resonance Filter    A127_man.pdf
  A-128 Fixed Filter Bank    A128_man.pdf
  A-129-1/2 Vocoder Basic Modules (no longer available)   A1291man.pdf
  A-129-3/4 Vocoder Slew-Limiter/Attenuator/Offset and Controller (no longer available)   A1293man.pdf
  A-129-5 Vocoder Voiced/Unvoiced Detector (no longer available)   A1295man.pdf
  A-130/A-131 VCA (linear / logarithmic)    A1301_man.pdf
  A-132-1 Dual low cost VCA    A132_man.pdf
  A-133 Dual Polarizer  A133_man.pdf
  A-134 VC Panning    A134_man.pdf
  A-135 VC Mixer    A135_man.pdf
  A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper    A136_man.pdf
  A-137-1 Wave Multiplier    A137_man.pdf
  A-138 a/b Mixer (linear / logarithimc)    A138_man.pdf
  A-138 c Polarizing Mixer    A138c_man.pdf
  A-139 Headphone Amplifier (no longer available)   A139_man.pdf
  A-140 ADSR (Envelope Generator)    A140_man.pdf
  A-141 VC-ADSR (VC Envelope Generator) (no longer available)   A141_man.pdf
  A-142 VC Decay/Gate    A142_man.pdf
  A-143-1 Complex Envelope Generator / Quad AD-Generator / Quad LFO     A1431_man.pdf

A-143-2 Quad ADSR 

  A-143-3 Quad LFO    A1433_man.pdf
  A-144 Morphing Controller    A144_man.pdf
  A-145 LFO 1    A145_man.pdf
  A-146 LFO 2 (variable Waveform)    A146_man.pdf
  A-147 VC LFO (no longer available)   A147_man.pdf
  A-148 Dual Sample&Hold    A148_man.pdf
  A-149-1 Quantized/Stored Random Voltages  A1491_man.pdf
  A-149-2 Digital Random Voltages  A1492_man.pdf
  A-150 Dual VC Switch    A150_man.pdf
  A-151 Quad Sequential Switch    A151_man.pdf
  A-152 Voltage Addressed Track&Hold / Switch (Multiplexer) / Digital Outputs     A152_man.pdf
  A-154 Sequencer Controller    A154_man.pdf
  A-155 Analog/Trigger Sequencer    A155_man.pdf
  A-156 Quantizer    A156_man.pdf
  A-160 Clock Divider    A160_man.pdf
  A-161 Clock Sequencer    A161_man.pdf
  A-162 Dual Trigger Delay    A162_man.pdf
  A-163 Voltage Controlled Divider    A163_man.pdf
  A-165 Dual Trigger Inverter/Modifier    A165_man.pdf
  A-166 Logic Module    A166_man.pdf
  A-167 Analog Comparator / Offset Generator / Subtractor  A167_man.pdf
  A-170 Dual Slew Limiter    A170_man.pdf
  A-171 VC Slew Limiter (no longer available)   A171_man.pdf
  A-172 Minimum/Maximum Selector  A172_man.pdf
  A-174 Joy Stick (no longer available)   A174_man.pdf
  A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter    A175_man.pdf
  A-176 Triple Control Voltage Source    A176_man.pdf
  A-177 External Foot Controller (no longer available)   A177_man.pdf
  A-178 Theremin CV Source    A178_man.pdf
  A-179 Light Controlled CV Source (no longer available)   A179_man.pdf
  A-180 1x8/2x4 Multiple    A180_man.pdf
  A-181 3.5/6.35 Multiple    A181_man.pdf
  A-185 Bus Access (no longer available)   A185_man.pdf
  A-188-1 BBD Module   A1881_man.pdf
  A-188-2 Tapped BBD Module   A1882_man.pdf
  A-190-1 MIDI-CV/Gate/Sync Interface    A190_man.pdf
  A-190-2 MIDI-CV/Gate Interface    A190_2_man.pdf
  A-190-4 MIDI/USB-CV/Gate/Sync Interface    A190_4_man.pdf
  A-191 Shepard Generator/16xMIDI-CV Interface  (no longer available)   A191_man.pdf
  A-192 CV to MIDI Interface (no longer available)   A192_man.pdf
  A-196 PLL  A196_man.pdf
  A-197 Analog Meter (no longer available) A197_man.pdf
  A-197-2 LCD scope (installation kit) (no longer available) A197_2_man.pdf
  A-198 Trautonium / Ribbon Controller  A198_man.pdf
  A-199 Spring Reverb    A199_man.pdf
  A-100AD5 +5V low cost adapter    see A-100 manual introduction A100_intro_e.pdf
  A-100NT5 +5V Power Supply (no longer available)   see A-100 manual introduction A100_intro_e.pdf
  A-100MNT Miniature Power Supply A-100MNT / A-100MBP  

A-100MNT:  A-100MC_Manual_V1.pdf

A-100MBP:  A-100MC_Manual_V2.pdf

User's guides of older devices
(no longer available)
e.g. MS-404, MAUSI, MMR4/4, LMK3, LMK1V2, MCV1, MCV8, MSY1, MONA, MT-Series, MVP1, MIAU8/16/32, MIDIM8, MCF1/2/3/4, MPC128, MEG and so on
(most of these manuals are available only in German language and only as TXT files)