as of July 3rd, 2017
Retrospect Superbooth 2017

Superbooth 17 is over and we would like to express our thanks to Alex Schneider and the complete Superbooth crew.
It was an outstanding event for the world of electronic music beyond competition worldwide.
Thank's a lot also to Mario and Tobi of Stroeme and Colin Benders who rocked the halls with their Eurorack systems.
We hope that we will be able to add links to their concert recordings during the next few days.

A summery of all our news presented at the Superbooth is available here:Doepfer_Superbooth_2017_Press.pdf.

Quad Precision VCO
Micro Keyboard/
Manual Gate
Mini Stereo
Polyphonic USB/Midi
CV/Gate Interface
Trapezoid Thru Zero 
Quadrature VCO
Voltage Controlled Performance Mixer Modules
(main unit / CV unit / envelope follower unit)
Octal voltage/manual controlled
programmable switch
Low cost versions of the A-100 Monster Cases A-100PMS9 and A-100PMB A-100LC1
48 HP low cost case with built in power supply A-100SSB
(+12V/380 mA, -12V/380mA)
More A-100 Vintage Modules

These modules are now available also as vintage versions:

Active Special Editions
Now available: new VCOs A-111-2 / A-111-3,  Performance Mixer A-138o/p, Ringmodulator / S&H / Slew Limiter A-184-1 , Sine Shaper / VC Crossfader A-184-2
Musotalk: We built a Eurorack Modular Synthesizer (German language)
Teil 1
Gehäuse und Netzteil
Teil 2
Eastcoast vs. Westcoast
Teil 3
Teil 4
Teil 5
Teil 6
Teil 7
Teil 8
Teil 9
Utility Module
A-157 Trigger Sequencer
A-100SSB Small Supply Bus

A-100SSB is a combination of power supply and bus board with 8 connectors for A-100 modules.
for applications with up to 8 modules and a max. current of 380 mA.
A-100SSB is available as ready built and tested unit and available
September 2016.

A-100 among the 10 Most Widely Influential Synths Ever
This is just to let you know that the A-100 series modules were featured in Myles Avery's article The 10 Most Widely Influential Synths Ever, running on Flypaper:
Vintage Versions of these A-100 Modules
Black versions of A-100LC Cases

Prices see Priceliste
(the picture shows an A-100LC3V with installed vintage modules) 
Prices see Priceliste
Prices see Priceliste
Prices see Priceliste
A video you should not miss shows the Superbooth demo by Colin Benders on a small A-100 system. He starts from scratch (nothing patched) and shows what you can do with a handful of modules only to create a live performance. He uses just an A-100LCB and A-100LC9 for the demonstration. Worth seeing !
(two different view of the same performance)

More Superbooth videos: 
New Power Supply A-100PSU3
Since end of 2015 all A-100 cases - except the A-100LC3 - are equipped with a more powerful suppy. The new supply is named A-100PSU3 and has available 2000mA@+12V, 1200mA@-12V and additional +5V with 4000mA. +5V are no longer required for A-100 modules but there are many modules from other manufacturers that require +5V. The additional price for all A-100 cases and systems with one power supply is Euro 50 (A-100G6/P6/P9/PB/LC6/LC9/LCB). The additional price for monster cases with two power supplies is Euro 100 (A-100PMS6/PMS9/PMB). The additional price for the A-100PMS12 is Euro 200 (4 supplies). The additional prices include the additional price for the A-100PSU3 and the additional wiring of the +5V to all bus boards. The new supply is equipped with a wide range mains voltage input 100...240V. Thus one has no longer to distinguish between cases for 115V or 230V. Only the value of the fuse in the mains inlet is different for 115V and 230V versions.

Technical notes: Internally the A-100PSU3 is a +/-15V switching supply (wide range input 100...240V for mains voltage) followed by the classical linear regulation circuit of the A-100PSU2 that generates the required +12V and -12V. Only the +5V is a pure switching supply without linear regulation. We discovered that a pure 12V switching supply was not good enough for the modular system (especially the generated noise and the load regulation was not satisfying for all 12V switching supplies we tried). That's why we added the well-tried linear 12V regulation to the 15V switching supply. As the current for +12V and -12V is different we will specify in the future the currents for +12V and -12V separately for all modules. But as a rule each A-100 module consumes less current at -12V compared to +12V. The Excel planning file contains the detailed current specs for all A-100 modules: System Planner (Excel™).

An existing power supply (A-100NT12 or A-100PSU2) can be replaced easily by the new A-100PSU3 because the A-100PSU3 has nearly the same dimensions and the four mounting bolts are at the same positions. Nevertheless the replacement or installation has to be carried out by qualified personnel only because the correct wiring of the mains connection is essential. And it's essential that all parts that conduct mains voltage (cables, pc board, electronic parts on the pc board) are mechanically protected against any contact with the human body (touch-proof, e.g. by using a cover for the power supply). Otherwise there is Danger to Life ! Existing bus boards can be used. There is no need to replace the bus boards. Only if the +5V supply is required one has to add the cable(s) that connects the +5V terminal of the bus board(s) to the corresponding terminals of the A-100PSU3.

Temporarily the A-100 cases will be available in both versions (i.e. with PSU2 or PSU3). As soon as the A-100PSU2 are used up only cases with A-100PSU3 will be available. The cases with PSU2 and PSU3 can be distinguished by the label next to the mains inlet (mains voltage specification "100...240V" = A-100PSU3, mains voltage specification "230V" or "115V" = PSU2).

Even the scope of supply of the A-100 bus boards will change early in 2016. The bus boards will be equipped in the future with 4 instead of 3 connections cables. Cable #4 is required for the additional +5V connection. The price for the bus boards with 4 cables will be a bit beyond the version with 3 cables. The bus boards remain unchanged as they were prepared from the beginning since 1996 for the additional +5V. Only an additional cable for the wiring of the +5V is required provided that the +5V are used.

The following document shows the wiring of the A-100PSU3 with the bus boards and the mains inlet: A100PSU3_wiring.pdf. Laymen are not allowed to carry out these works ! Danger to Life ! 

A-100 Controlled Drawing Machine
Musik made with A-100
DiN48 - Parallel Worlds and Self Oscillate - 'World adapter' cd album
Ingo Zobel (Self Oscillate) and Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) first started collaborating via the internet in 2004. Their first album, “Current Flow”, under the project name “Interconnected”, was released in 2010 on the Belgian VU-US label. Following this a vinyl EP of ambient tracks called “Mechanic Environments” was released in 2013 on the Dohkonul record label.
For “World Adapter”, their second full collaborative album, Ingo and Bakis are using their more widely known aliases of Self Oscillate and Parallel Worlds respectively. Four years in the making this album is redolent with the sounds and textures of modular analogue synthesisers which both musicians are well known for employing in their music. Ingo uses a large Doepfer / Eurorack system whereas Bakis creates his complex sonic textures with Doepfer, Serge and Buchla systems as employed on his previous DiN releases (Obsessive Surrealism (DiN26), Shade (DiN32), Exit Strategy with Ian Boddy (DiN37) and Morphogenic with Dave Bessell (DiN41)).
Once their modular improvisations are recorded they are micro-edited in Ableton Live to form the ten tracks that make up “World Adapter”. On the track “Legend Silence” they collaborate with the Polish singer/composer India Czajkowska whose ethereal voice adds a distinctive flavour to this composition. The album has an IDM flavour, full of complex modulations and intricate rhythms. The duo then hang beguiling, simple melodies around these structures to create another intriguing quality release from the DiN label

soundcloud demo file of all tracks:

Machines used:
Doepfer, Euro, Serge, Buchla, MOTM, Moon, Blacet, Metalbox, RS-Integrator, Technosaurus & modulars.
Oberheim Xpander & OB-Mx.Korg PE1000, MS20, Mono/Poly & Z1. Clavia Nord Modular, Nordrack2 & Nordrack3. Ableton Live & NI Reaktor software. Roland System-100, Waldorf Microwave and various other string machines, analogue keyboards, tape echoes, reverbs, CV modifiers and generators.

Drøn has released their latest album "Comm" on the US label Carpe Sonum. It features 14 tracks, which were produced using a wide range of old and new synthesizers, including a huge A100 System. The album is available as download or as limited edition CD (only 300 copies). 

You can check it out here:

Gusgus open air live in Barcelona 2015


Summer Colors

The rotary knobs used in the A-100 are now available with different colors. The modules are still delivered with grey knobs. Because of logistic reasons it's not possible to deliver modules with different colored knobs. But the customer is able to order the knobs separately and replace the grey knobs by the new ones as the knobs are simply plugged on the potentiometer shafts. The colored knobs can be used also in other products like MAQ16/3, Dark Energy or Dark Time. You find the new knobs in the price list in the spare parts section.

Namm / Musikmesse Frankfurt 2015
On the occasion of the Frankfurt Musikmesse we showed these new products:



already available
Basic VCO

already available
Thru Zero VCO
already available
VCLFO with Delay
already available
already available
already available
Trigger Sequencer
planned for end of 2015
Clock Divider II
already available
Clock Multiplier/
Ratcheting Controller
already available
USB/Midi to CV/Gate
planned for end of 2015
A-100 Starter System 1
A-100 Starter System (A-100BSS1)
Breakout Module for A-127

The breakout module A-127BOM for the triple filter module A-127 is now available. It features separate access to each of the three filters of the A-127, separate outputs lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch for each filter and a separate audio input for each filter. The price is Euro 70.00.

Interview with Dieter Doepfer

The online magazine Great Synthesizers has published an interview with Dieter Doepfer:

and report about the A-100 workshop in Munich:

Discontinuation of A-100 Modules with blue LEDs
The production of the special version of the A-100 modules with blue LEDs will be discontinued. While stocks last A-100 modules with blue LEDs are available without additional charges. Please ask our sales office ( if the module in question is still available with blue LEDs.
A-100 Tutorials
Video tutorials by Raul Pena:

Doepfer A101-2 LPG Modes Intro: 
Doepfer A101-2 Low Pass Gate-VCA Mode: 
Doepfer A101-2 Low Pass Gate-Combined Mode: 

A110 Features and Functions: 
A110 VCO/A145 LFO Frequency Modulation: 
A110 VCO/ A145 LFO-More Frequency Modulation: 
A110 Waveforms and Pulsewidth demonstration: 
A110 VCO /A145 LFO-Pulse Width Modulation: 
A110 VCO /A145 LFO- More Pulse Width Modulation: 

A110 filtering with A101-2 and A120 intro: 
A110 filtering with A101-2 LPG: 
A110 More filtering with A101-2 LPG: 

A-114 Ring Modulation of Basic Waveforms: 
A-114 More Ring Modulation: 
A-114 Further Modulations: 

A118 Filtering with A120 VCF Low Pass Filter Part One: 
A118 Filtering with A120 VCF Low Pass Filter Part Two:

A-127 Introduction: 
A-127 Modulation: 
A-127 More Modulation:  
A-127 Audio Rate Modulation: 

A-131 VCA Intro: 
A-131 Processing CV with A-131 EXP VCA Part One: 
A-131 Processing CV with A-131 EXP VCA Part Two: 
A-131 Amplitude Modulation with A-131 EXP VCA: 

A140 ADSR Envelope Generator Part One-Introduction: 
A140 ADSR Envelope Generator Part Two: 
A140 ADSR Envelope Generator Part Three-VCO Patch: 
A140 ADSR Envelope Generator Part Four- White Noise Patch:

A-148 Sample and Hold: 
A-148 More Sample and Hold: 
A-148 Track and Hold: 
A-148 More Track and Hold: 
A-148 Track and Hold Vs. Sample and Hold: 
A-148 Sample Rate Reduction using T/H and S/H: 
A-148 Using other Waveforms in T/H and S/H: 

A-149-1 Quantized Random Voltages 
A-149-1 Stored Random Voltages 
A-149-1 Modulation of Quantized and Stored Random Voltages 

A-156 Basics: 
A-156 Modes of Operation: 
A-156 Modes of Operation Part Two: 
A-156 More CV Sources, Transposing, and triggers: 
A-156 More CV Sources, Transposing, and triggers Part Two: 

A-188-x BBD Basics: 
A-188-1 part 1: 
A-188-1 part 2: 
A-188-1 part 3:

A189-1 VControlled Bit Modifier Basics: 
A189-1 VC Bit Modifier-Bit Crushing: 
A189-1 VC Bit Modifier Demo-Sample Rate: 
A189-1 VC Bit Modifier Demo-Bit Crushing: 
A189-1 VC Bit Modifier Demo-Sample Rate: 
A189-1 VC Bit Modifier Processing CV Part 1:A189-1 VC Bit Modifier: 
A189-1 VC Bit Modifier Processing CV Part 1:A189-1 VC Bit Modifier:

French user manuals for Dark Energy and Dark Time
Many thanks to Nathalie & Pascal Fournet who translated the user manuals of Dark Energy and Dark Time into French:

Dark Energy:

Dark Time:

A-100 Convergence
The website contains music that was made mainly with A-100 Analog Modular System.
Sample Library made with A-100
Surround SFX have released Transistor Rhythm, a premium 24/96 Sample- & Pattern-Library for the NI Maschine. The A-100 system was used for synthesizing and/or processing many of the included 800 drum- and one-shot-samples.Check it out at

Videos with A-100 New A-100 video by Christian Hatvani that shows not only noises or grooves but the basic sound of the A-100. Doepfer goes minimalistic
Excellent music and live videos by MINE and Daidenzin (Osaka, Japan) using the A-100
Daren Ager: "Using the small Doepfer system as a kind of 606+303 combo, not a musical statement, just me having some fun. All the sounds and sequencing done entirely on the system shown."
Gusgus with A-100 suitcase live on stage:
The Redundant Rocker at studio Helio.Gen:
vailable at
Dark Energy and A-100 Miniature Case in Concert

Two Dark Energy, one A-100 Minicase, a lot of fun:

A-178 Theremin videos by our customer Jamie O'Callaghan:

Improvisation with A-100 suitcase

Random improvisations with an A-100 suitcase by James Bragg: www.myspace. com/vjjamesbragg

A-100 Theremin

A nice video that shows the Japanese singer and thereminist Eri playing the A-100 with the Theremin modules A-178.


A-100 Minisystem

Tutorial video: A-100 Mini-System Patch/Sound examples

This video made by Luca Capozzi shows some patches and sound examples of the A-100 Mini System:

Tutorial video: Controlling the A-100 with a Wiimote Gamepad

An excellent video by our A-100 user Max that shows how to use a wiimote gamepad to control the A-100: com/watch? v=LHOS2zg- 0nI


Midi accordion with built-in Pocket Electronic

This cool video shows the usage of the Pocket Electronic in a midi accordion to control a joystick/wheel, a ribbon controller and additional buttons:

A-100 in Simian Mobile Disco Goes Gear (on Matrixsynth)

Matrixsynth / A-100 Modular System suitcase used in Simian Mobile Disco Goes Gear: http://matrixsynth. blogspot. com/2007/ 10/simian- mobile-disco- goes-gear.html

A-100 Modular Patchbay System Used By Surachai At Ramp Chicago

Gearwire / Doepfer A-100 Modular Patchbay System Used By Surachai At Ramp Chicago:

SOUND ON SOUND Modular Synths Report
Overview of Modular Synths as of spring 2009 in the April 2009 issue of Sound on Sound

Editor's choice: A-100

Interview's Parallel Worlds

There is a new Parallel Worlds extensive interview on the Analogue Haven website including many studio and analogue modular synth photos:
Interview: Online interview with Parallel Worlds in Electronic Musician Magazine

The full interview with Parallel Words on the US Electronic Musician magazine is now online: